Those long experienced in this blog know that it’s largely been on hiatus since 2014. There was an incredible eco-system of interested, dedicated and passionate teachers who were key to keeping the blogs flowing, and in connecting yours truly with like-minded teachers across the globe (from all of whom I took away greater than I feel is possible for me to have shared).

A shift was to come.

Things went dark. And so it’s been, aside from a random flare ups.

A little flare up occurred again tonight. My eyes were alight with great new ideas, and I couldn’t wait to get them written down.

And then I thought about the blog here, I realized that it doesn’t serve the same purpose for me anymore. And so, it shall lie dormant until I can find an appropriate vehicle to motor it along.



One thought on “MISC

  1. Hi John, thank you for this small post which says that it is simply a different stage of life at the moment. The blog will wait, and so will its readers. I am super curious though what ideas were on your mind when you were writing those lines!
    On another note: I think my blog and its purpose to me is changing too. Perhaps, it is a natural way (we develop and change, I’d like to hope)
    Looking forward to staying in touch.

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