rpc1-mission statement

Reflective Practice Challenge – 1

My Reflective Practice Mission Statement


I seek to better understand myself and how my contextual outlook affects the communications I have with those around me. By reflecting on these connections I hope to mitigate instances of miscommunication. This improvement, brought about through critical reflection, will not only help me in my life, but will assist me in guiding my students through the challenges of communicating with a wider world.



I have been thinking of ways to integrate the inspiration and learning I get from face to face RP meetings with the format of a blog.

This is the first of an undetermined number of RP challenges I will set out for whoever is interested. My hope is that these challenges lead to more interaction between the disparate members of our blogging community, and so provide a modicum of the inspiration and insight I habitually leave RP meetings with.

I also hope that the production from these challenges will serve as a quality reference for anyone seeking out more information on what RP is all about.

This first challenge was much harder than I anticipated. It was also quite enlightening.

I encourage you to think about what your reflective practice mission statement might look like. And I doubly encourage you to post what you come up with so that a wider community can gain from your insight.

I, for one, am eagerly awaiting to see what you come up with.


17 thoughts on “rpc1-mission statement

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    • Really enjoyed your post, left some questions that popped into my head as well. Here’s to “just doing it”! Most definitely the beginning of something.

  2. Oooh, an interesting challenge. A meta-action plan! A reflective practice new year’s resolution, so to speak. I like the way your mission statement takes reflection out of the classroom and into life itself. I get the sense that this is where it belongs and that I often forget that reflection is more than a classroom tool in my toolbox. I will be thinking about this one!

    • HThank you, I was hoping you (and others) would find it an intriguing challenge to tackle.

      I kind of fell into RP for class because of my reflections on my own life. I glad it was born out in my mission statement. Super happy to have gotten you thinking, you leave me thinking every time we converse! 😀

      Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this, and future challenges. I have high hopes at the moment!

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  8. John, thank you for this idea and for the encouragement that you share to the people who are joining in. I am in the process of writing my RP statement and was re-reading what you had to say here. I really like the way how you chose one aspect to reflect on (communication with others) and then started the Challenge as one possible way to explore it more. Thank you for your inspiration and food for thought.

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