A day late and a dollar short.

I missed out on writing up a 2012 review. Needless to say, it’s been a busy year.

And perhaps the greatest year I have yet to have in my short life.

I met some incredible people, made some fantastic strides personally and professionally, and generally found my niche in this world. It is an immense feeling. It is something that I have searched for for many many years.

For that I would like to thank you. My teaching community.

In particular, I would like to take the time to specially thank those of you who have had a profound effect on my efforts this year, be they inspiration  motivation or support.

@MichaelGriffin. It all started with you and Josette back in April. I can’t believe how fortunate I was to be in attendance that day. Every step forward this year can be traced back to that auspicious beginning.  For that, and so very much more, I thank you. ELT Rants, Reviews, and Reflections.

@JosetteLB (Joestte LeBlanc). Along with Mike you helped open my eyes to the world of RP. Your kindness, empathy, and support has been invaluable to me. Without you I would not have found the strength and determination to do half of what I accomplished this year. Again, I consider myself the luckiest of individuals to not only call you colleague, but friend. Throwing Back Tokens

@AnneHendler. You’re kindness, creativity and ceaseless inspiration constantly amaze me. You have provided me with incredible conversations and seemingly limitless patience in dealing with my…directness. You are a truly special teacher, woman, and friend. Living Learning

@AlexSWalsh. Mate, what else is there to say but a massive thank you. For the hours spent on the phone working on a website, an idea, a lesson plan, or the most in depth discussion about using L2 Output, thank you. Esllol.org would not exist if not for you. It is still in its infancy, but I know we will create a special and lasting resource. I cannot wait to begin our world presentation tours together this year and many years into the future 😉 Alien Teachers.

Darryl Bautista. Your guidance and wisdom have consisently led me in the right direction. Thank you for countless times enlightening my perspective and  being a flat out superb mentor. I cannot believe it’s only been half a year since our introduction. Yours is a voice I will always seek out.  The Itinerant Teacher

Tana Ebaugh. You too have become a dear mentor whose voice and opinion I consider in the highest regard. I feel so fortunate for having met you and, though we will soon be quite distant in real terms, I know that I can always count on you for honest, measured advice. Thank you dearly for everything you have done for me this year.

@breathyvowel (Alex Grevett). Mate you’ve been an endless source of ideas and creativity. I have utilized them on more than one occasion this year. Your tireless work to improve as a teacher is an inspiration. Your endless work with #KELTchat is beyond appreciated. You have helped to bring a very large community even closer together. The Breathy Vowel

@kevchanwow (Kevin Stein). My friend, I have yet to meet you and already consider you an invaluable friend. Your kindness, spirit, drive, and creativity constantly motivate me. Thank you for sharing countless insightful and meaningful blog posts, tweets, and ideas for the classroom. The Other Things Matter. 

And to all of you in my fantastic community that I most egregiously left out, thank you. There are so many incredible, kind, creative teachers out there who have helped me make the positive strides I have throughout 2012.

Here’s to a interesting, inspiring 2013.


2 thoughts on “2012

  1. John,
    What a post to ring in 2013! This is an awesome way to recognize some of the people who have inspired, motivated, helped and supported you. I am honored that you include me in that number, among teachers who inspire me as well. Thank you.

  2. Hey mate,

    Like Anne, I’m bowled over to have made such a prestigious list. I can assure you that anything you learned from me was paid back from the inspiration you’ve provided, especially with the work you’re putting in to connect students. I hope you keep it up in 2013! Cheers!


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