Funny Friday

I am terrible at keeping a diary of any sort. However, seeing as how I love the idea of a laughing diary, I thought I could get myself to do a weekly post on things that have made me laugh through the week.

So, with out further ado…

While reading a post on the Economist (I LOVE the Economist) I laughed out loud at this…

1) …Mr Obama was greeted with a standing ovation, but the president urged New York’s glitterati to “take your seats, otherwise Clint Eastwood will yell at them.” see the article here

2) This photo shared by my PLN (peer learning network) friend (name omitted in case of embarrassment due to—>)***Warning, expletives***

3) My nickname at school is wifi-John. This has been a mystery, as to why the kids call me this, for nearly a year.

This week I learned why. In Korean the English zed sounds like J. Pizza sounds like piJSa. Wifi-Zone = Wifi-JSone, hence…Wifi-John!

4) A great many laughs were had with my awesome Korean PLN at KOTESOL 2012. Most especially in the run up to the KELTchat presentation and during the drinking of Makoli wine.

5) It matters not how much I look at this photo of my nephew. It always generates a healthy smile.


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