A bit of a laugh

Friday May 25, 2012

1) My students came to see me at lunch to answer the daily trivia question. Today’s question, “What makes you laugh?” Two of my regular third grade girls came in. Ones answer was that the others many long black nose hairs made her laugh. I laughed pretty hard.

2) Reading my (many) book reports from students. In one report on a book about a paperboy I read this

“His empty red bag flaps behind him in the cold morning air.” I think this means freedom, and i like freedom.

—and the student also wrote a report on “Hey, Little Ant” with the following included…

(In response to a boy threatening to “squash” the little ant) In the last part, the ant said, “If you were me and I were you, what would you want me to do?” Ha! What a clever ant!

I say, what a clever student!


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